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Whaaat? I started a blog? June 23, 2011

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Okay, so I have NO idea if anyone will read this, but I thought I’d TRY to pick it back up again. If for any reason other than the fact that I am super bored this summer. Yes, I am planning a wedding, and I spend some time on that every week, but wedding planning is not life consuming… or at least I don’t think it should be. Sure, it COULD be, if someone wanted to let it consume them, but I’m not really that type. So, in order to give myself a task to do, I will make a list of possible posts I think I should make:

1.) Teacher-stuff posts. I’ll be straight up. I’m a nerd for my career. People like the stuff I’ve created (artistically and curriculum-orientedly), so I should probably do what everyone has been telling me to do for years and see if I can make something more of it.

2.) Crafty/Artsy-stuff posts. I was that kid who made friendship bracelets and loved those little beads you put on a pattern and melted with an iron. Now my tastes are more grown up… I have a Cricut Expression, a stock-load of scrapbook and card-stock papers, and a glue gun – all of which I use quite often. I also dabble in painting when the urge hits me. Twice now I’ve even been paid to do a custom painting for people’s houses! (still baffles me) So maybe I should post some of that on here.

3.) My life is not a Bravo reality television-worthy one or a Tina Fey “Bossypants” book-worthy one, but my dog does cute stuff and I have a knack for falling into some interesting situations… so maybe if I try to add some table flipping and clever-whitty comments someone will read this.

Ugh. Did I mention I’m just bored. Like, so bored I’ve been thinking about applying for a waitressing job, just so I can be degraded and feel anxious over nothing. This is the sad sad truth of  a teacher’s summer… mind you, a teacher who is unmarried, already has her masters, has NO children, and no real responsibilities besides planning a wedding in September… which maybe I’ll write about too, because I do think I’ve done a pretty killer job of getting this little shindig together without much hassle or stress. Our minister says “just wait” and that something is bound to not work out, since its all been smooth sailing so far, but hey, I’ll just go with what we’ve got now: what I hope to be a lovely day that Peyton and I can remember for years to come! 


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