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Little Paul July 1, 2009

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Paul: The bald and effortlessly computer-literate little brother.

Seriously though, if you look back at pictures of my brother – he looked just like my dad and had a mop of hair on his head. We hung out ALL of the time together when we were little. Probably our best times together were riding bikes through our neighborhood in Anderson, SC, searching for snakes and other things in the creek behind Jay Caudle’s grandmother’s house, and wreaking havoc after church on Sundays. (We would grab the homemade bread on communion Sundays and drink grape juice while sliding along the back row of the pews in our church socks…)

Paul isn’t so little now…. and we haven’t hung out together in about a year…. little things like oceans and continents are in the way.

Check out his iPhone and iTouch application!!! I put a link to the website of the company he developed for: Red Rocket Games, Inc. My mom and I spent most of the day yesterday playing the game and trying to beat our high scores. It is rather addicting, not to mention cute… I am so proud of him!!!


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